With thousands of consultants and business coaches out there, are you a potential candidate to join our team of business growth strategists?

This is not a typical type of "business opportunity" you usually find on the internet where you have to pay to get training, which usually doesn't work and all you get are some DVDs, daily hype, videos, and a bunch of other information you could have gotten off the internet if you would have looked hard enough. Afterwards, you feel like you have wasted your money and been scammed. Yes, maybe some of the things might work for some folks, but for most people, it does not. 

What we offer is a real position where you will be trained to help clients out think, out market, and out sell their competition. Not old 20th Century ideas that no longer work, but real, proven resources that teach clients how to effectively market to today's 21st Century buyer. What's the difference? Today, customers don't want to be high-pressured and sold something. We believe the era of the typical sales person is past. People want to do their own research about a product or service they might need and make informed decisions that's best for their families and their situations. They want to be educated about a particular product or service and what makes it the best value for them. They want to evaluate who will give them the best service and get the best value.

We are rapidly expanding in Texas and in other states. We are specially in need of qualified business leaders who are teachable, who live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio areas, and who are passionate about helping people become successful. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized company owners move from a small business mentality to having a successful entrepreneurial mindset, learning how to market to the 21st Century buyer, and sustaining a profitable business.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • High caliber business leaders, coaches, or consultants who are looking to differentiate themselves and be rewarded on the results they bring to clients

  • Consultants who are passionate about influencing workplace cultures
  • Feel a sense of joy in helping others learn how to become effective leaders
  • Feel confident and trust in their ability to solve complex business challenges
  • Experienced consultants who have learned the hard way that getting long-term projects are increasingly more difficult to obtain and would rather work with smaller organizations and deal with the top leaders of the company
  • Professionals who understand the importance of providing real value to clients; not forms and out-dated systems, but real growth strategies, which will move them more rapidly toward their career goals.
  • Professionals who want be recognized for their efforts and have the opportunity to expand and grow within the company.
  • Professionals who believe they can consistently exceed clients' expectations
  • Professionals with a healthy disdain for the status quo.
  • Professionals who realize that life can be fun and exciting as they see others grow and learn new ways of thinking.

Our first year business growth strategists consistently make in excess of $125,000, control their own schedules, have limited overnight paid travel, and have fun networking and building strategic alliances. If you are tired of seeing small business owners not just growing but thriving in their businesses, we would certainly entertain a personal time when we can meet for coffee or spend time on a call to explore your current situation, your goals, and your ideas for your future.

Please reach out to Ron Jobe, Founder and CEO of Rononco Strategic Solutions at (469) 209-5767. After we talk, we can arrange a time to personally meet.  Ron will look forward to spending time with you and exploring opportunities to put your background and expertise to work helping others succeed. And, developing a successful coaching practice, too. 

Opportunities For Growth and Development