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Rononco Entrepreneur Leadership Forum consists of business owners and executives who want to learn how to build more trust with those they lead and how to truly understand the journey of becoming a more effective leader. In the US, there is a growing trust disparity that has put business leaders in a new position, which can offer them the opportunity to help mend the divide between employees and their leaders. Too many business leaders today are out of touch with the employees they lead. (  Edelman estimates that one in three employees doesn’t trust their employer — despite the fact that billions of dollars are spent every year on leadership development. Those who want to be great leaders must first demonstrate that they can lead themselves. Self-leadership involves demonstrating self-control, building trust, and managing priorities effectively. 

The Forum helps leaders learn how to promote, build, and support each other though opportunities to refresh the leader's own understanding of new leadership thinking. The Forum offers meaningful and fun opportunities to step away from work, connect with other leaders, and hear new thinking concepts for the 21st Century entrepreneur by guest speakers.

Because public speaking is such an important skill that every leader must learn, we provide an opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively through a 10-step "Nervous to Natural" public speaking program. 

The Entrepreneur Leadership Forum is comprised of various area chapters that meet regularly for leadership development opportunities and learn new concepts of becoming a person who desires to become their very best.

The Entrepreneur Leadership Forum sponsors an annual International business exchange trip. During this International Business Exchange trip, leaders are scheduled to speak at various universities about some aspect of American business culture. We tour manufacturing facilities and other types of foreign businesses and attend a special business exchange luncheon with top foreign business owners. This is a unique experience to possible find new business opportunities. Of course, there is still time for seeing the beautiful sights and experience national cultures. The purpose of these International Business Exchange trips is to enlarge the leader's vision to a much broader perception of International commerce, to build relationships with some of the top international students at the nation's leading universities, and to get to know foreign business executives who may also want to do business in America. Forum leaders usually develop lasting friendships with others.

The Entrepreneur Leadership Forum meets for semi-annual workshops that provide a opportunity for leaders to learn, connect with progressive and successful entrepreneurs, and hear from business leadership experts who share their experiences and their achievements as they explain their business building principals, techniques, and ideas.

Hint: You could use the Forum as your own mastermind group – The group can even act as your own advisory board to offer advice and keep you accountable for taking your business to a whole new level. You will be encouraged to learn and apply ideas in your business to build your business and have it ‘sale ready’ if that is your goal. All of this is provided in regular support group meetings of like-minded, positive leaders. There is NO COMPETING BUSINESSES IN THE GROUP.  In this highly confidential environment, leaders are able to open up and get help without the fear of alerting the competition.

General Format Of The Sessions – Changes To Suit The Group & Presenters

  • Arrive for networking and lite breakfast or lunch - (at leader's own expense.) 
  • Guest speaker makes a presentation about their own business experiences (good and bad), lessons learned, and what they would do differently
  • Q & A Session
  • Discuss the group's goals for the future. 
  • Networking and Interaction

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