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Rononco's Entrepreneur Leadership Forum is created for business owners and executives who have a passion for making a difference in their life and in the lives of others. In the forum community, these executives lean to grow and develop, even though they may have once felt isolated and lacked the tools, support, and relationships they needed to build profitable businesses. This community helps them on many levels. At the same time, they want help in integrating their faith with their work to make a great Kingdom impact. Since the beginning, we have been seeking wisdom and consistently innovating to best accomplish our mission, vision and values of the Forum.

Through a community of peer-to-peer advisory teams and world-class business strategy coaching, we work with Christian CEOs and business owners to impact ethical leadership training and ultimately building a Kingdom legacy. We work together to enhance the executive's business and life trajectory, while exploring the will and purposes of God's leading.

We provide ongoing business and leadership skill-development through the Area Business Development Initiative program that sponsors the business educational grant program for the E-Learning Business Development Program. Through working with the area advisory teams, successful guest speakers, and break-through content for continuous transformational learning, members receive information and support from each other.

We teach executives how to build trust with those they lead and how to truly understand the journey of becoming a more effective leader. We teach executives how to get ready for the coming decade from the year 2020 and beyond when the world will see more technological

The Forum is comprised of various area chapters that meet regularly for leadership development opportunities and learn new concepts of becoming a person who desires to become their very best.

The Forum sponsors are planning an annual International business exchange trip. During this International Business Exchange trip, leaders have the opportunity to speak at universities and other events about some aspect of American business culture. We will tour manufacturing facilities and other types of foreign businesses and attend special business exchange luncheons with top foreign business owners.